Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia (Lazy eye) is reduced vision in an eye that is ‘normal’ in structure. It can occur in one or both eyes. It is very common. There are many causes of amblyopia. Common causes are squint, or the need for glasses. Amblyopia is in some children caused by the presence of a cataract or ptosis (see ‘ptosis’).

Amblyopia is usually treatable in children. Treatment includes patching (occlusion) of the better-seeing eye and/or the prescription of glasses.

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Where can I or my child be seen?

You can speak to Mrs Gillian Brooks (Mr Morrison’s Personal Assistant) on 07548 685538

St. Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster
25 Queen Anne Street (near Harley Street)

The Portland Hospital,
215 Great Portland Street

BUPA Cromwell Kensington

Queen Mary’s Hospital Roehampton

How do I get to my appointment?

St. Thomas’ Hospital
25 Queen Anne Street W1G 9HT

BUPA Cromwell Kensington

Do I need a referral letter?

  • NHS Appointments require a GP referral letter.
  • Private Appointments do not require a referral letter, although these are often helpful.
  • If you have private health insurance please check with your provider, as a referral letter may be necessary.

How long is an appointment?

Consultations vary in length but you can expect a ‘New’ first appointment to take an hour.

Further Reading and More Information on The American Association for Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus